7 Steps to Crafting an Irresistible Coaching Offer That Clients Can’t Refuse

Asad Kanaan - Funneled Forward Agency

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Having an irresistible coaching offer can be a huge benefit to your business. It can increase sales, help you stand out from the competition, and enable you to provide more value to customers. Creating an irresistible offer can seem daunting at first but by following a few simple steps it doesn’t have to be.

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Step 1: Identify Your Ideal Client

Identifying your ideal client is an essential part of any successful business or coaching practice. When you understand who your ideal clients are and what they need, it becomes much easier to craft offers that will truly resonate with them and make them want to work with you.

The first step in identifying your ideal client is to get clear on your own unique values, skills, and experiences. What have you overcome in life? What type of advice do people always ask for from you? What do you feel passionate about helping others with? When you can answer these questions, it will be much easier to identify the types of people who would benefit most from working with you.

Once you’ve identified what makes your services unique and valuable, the next step is to research and understand the worldview of your potential clients. Who are they? What challenges are they facing? What do they need help with? Understanding these questions will help inform how best to market your services and create an offer that resonates deeply with potential clients.

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Step 2: Know What Problems You Can Solve

The most important step to crafting an irresistible coaching offer is to know what problems you can solve. Before you start creating your offer, it's essential to understand what problem or need your client has and how you can help them. This will help ensure that the offer is tailored specifically to their needs..

Step 3: Analyze Your Competitors

Knowing what your competition is doing can help you refine your offer and ensure that it stands out in the marketplace.

Take some time to research what other coaches are offering and how they are marketing their products or services. Consider the pricing structure of their offers, the benefits they are providing to their customers, and any unique features they’ve included in their offers. This can give you valuable insights into how to best position your own offering. It’s also important to look at the language they use when describing their offerings so that you can understand how customers may perceive them.

When looking at your competitors, think about both direct and indirect competition. Direct competitors refer to those who offer similar products or services as yours while indirect competition includes companies that offer complementary services or products which could potentially be used instead of yours. Understanding who these players are will help you create an offer that stands out from the crowd by providing customers with something different than what’s currently available on the market.

Analyzing your competition is key when it comes to crafting an irresistible coaching offer that clients can't refuse. By understanding what others are offering, you'll be able to tailor your own offerings in order to provide greater value for potential clients – giving them a reason why they should choose you over anyone else!

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Step 4: Brainstorm Offer Ideas

Brainstorming offers can be the most challenging step of the process, but it's also the most rewarding when done correctly.

The key to brainstorming successful offers is to focus on what your customer or client needs and wants. Consider their pain points, problems they need solved, and goals they have. Once you have a good understanding of what they're looking for, use this information to generate ideas for an offer that will provide value and benefit them in some way.

Start by creating a list of ideas that could potentially be part of your offer. This list should include options such as discounts, freebies, bundles, exclusive access to content or events, limited-time promotions, and more. Once you have a good list of options available to you start narrowing down which ones will make the best offer for your customer or client base.

Step 5: Choose the Right Pricing Model

When it comes to pricing for coaching services, there are a few different models to consider. The first is the flat fee pricing model, where you charge a fixed rate for your services. This could be on an hourly or project basis. It’s important to research what other coaches in your niche are charging so that you can price your services competitively.

The second pricing model is value-based pricing, which takes into account the value that you bring to the client’s business and charges accordingly. For example, if you are helping a client increase their sales by 10%, then you could charge them based on a percentage of the increase in sales they achieve. This type of pricing model helps ensure that both parties benefit from the arrangement and that both parties understand what they will get out of it.

Finally, there is tiered pricing, where clients can choose different levels of service depending on their needs and budget. With this approach, clients can pay more for additional features or services such as faster response times or personalized advice from an experienced coach. This type of pricing model encourages customers to upgrade their packages while also keeping costs down for those who only need basic services.

It’s important to remember that whichever pricing model you choose should be tailored to fit your specific niche and target market in order to maximize revenue potential while staying competitive with other coaches in your industry. Finding the right balance between cost and value is key when it comes to setting prices for coaching services so make sure you do your research before committing yourself!

Step 6: Structure & Design Your Offer

Creating an irresistible offer requires more than just offering a great product or service. You need to structure and design your offer in a way that makes it attractive and valuable to your ideal customers.

Step 6 of crafting an irresistible offer is all about structuring and designing your offer so that it stands out from the competition. You need to think about the way you present the product or service, what incentives you are providing, and how you can make it easier for customers to say yes.

When creating your offer, consider what elements make up a compelling package:
- A catchy headline/title – This should describe your offer as succinctly as possible while also giving potential customers a good idea of what they’ll get from it.

- Quality content – Make sure your content is well written, easy to read, and provides value for potential buyers. Include testimonials from past customers, if applicable.

- Incentives – Give people an incentive to act now by offering discounts or bonuses for signing up early.

- Easy payment options – Allow people to pay via credit card or PayPal so they don’t have to worry about additional paperwork or complicated forms.

Finally, structure and design your offer in such a way that makes it easy for people to say “yes” — create urgency with limited time offers and be sure all copy on the page is clear and concise so people know exactly what they’re getting before they even click the buy button!

Step 7: Test & Refine Your Offer

Testing and refining your offer is an important step in ensuring that you are creating an irresistible coaching offer that your target audience can’t refuse. Testing and refining will help you improve the quality of your offer so that it meets the needs and desires of your target market.

Testing should be done at every stage of the process, from concept to launch. You need to be sure that each element of your offer is working properly, from the language used in copywriting to the visuals used in design.

Your offer should also be tested with a variety of audiences to ensure its appeal across different demographics. This will help you refine your message for maximum effectiveness. Test different versions of your offer on a small scale before rolling it out more broadly.

You can also use A/B testing to determine which elements are most successful in driving conversions and sales. Track how customers respond to different versions of your offer and make adjustments based on results. This will help you make sure that every aspect of your coaching package offers real value to customers while they’re considering buying it.

Finally, don’t forget about feedback from customers after they purchase or sign up for a free trial – this is invaluable data when refining offers for future campaigns! Use customer surveys, interviews and focus groups as tools for understanding what works best for them and make changes accordingly so that you continue offering irresistible packages that meet their needs perfectly.


Creating an irresistible offer is the key to success for any business. It requires a deep understanding of your target audience, their needs and wants, and what will make them choose your product or service over others. A successful offer must be tailored to the customer's individual needs, provide strong guarantees, and include free or low cost extended warranties. Additionally, you should also consider offering a try-it-before-you-buy-it option and training/onboarding staff to ensure that customers receive the best possible service. With these steps in mind, you can create an irresistible offer that clients won't be able to refuse!

About The Author

Asad Kanaan is the founder of Funneled Forward Agency - a consulting agency that specializes in helping coaches and course creators build and market their online programs.

Launch With Clarity checklist

Need Some Help Building and Marketing Your Coaching Program or Course?

Download the complete 27 step Launch with Clarity checklist.